Privacy Notice

This website uses Cookies for SMUKELISO to collect and use Personal Information which you provide or which we collect about you when you navigate through our websites in order to improve your personal experience. This also applies across all applications and social media pages for the purposes of advertising, supplying you with services, making contact with you for marketing or other commercial purposes, answering your inquiries regarding our services and products, facilitating your
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Depending on your requirements, we will collect and obtain Personal Information about you either directly from you, from
certain third parties, or from other sources which are described below:
1.1.1 Direct collection – You provide Personal Information to us when you:

  • Use our websites, applications, mobile applications, or social media portals or platforms.
  • Interact with us.
  • Enquire about, or search for our services or our response to Requests for Proposals and/or Quotations
  • When you submit a quotation, proposal or offer to do business with us by way of an RFQ/P/Is or when you conclude
    a contract with us.
  • When you express an interest in a CSI project or sponsorship.
  • Create or maintain a profile or account with us.
  • Provide goods and/or services to us.
  • Use or access our facilities and/or information.
  • Purchase, use, or otherwise interact with content, products, or services from third-party providers who have a
    relationship with us.
  • Create, post, or submit user content on our websites, applications, mobile applications, or social media portals or
  • Register for or attend one of our events or locations.
  • Communicate with us by phone, email, chat, in person, or otherwise.
  • Complete a questionnaire, online survey, or other information request form

1.2 Automatic collection:

We collect Personal Information automatically from you when you:

  • Search for, visit, interact with, or use our websites, applications, mobile applications, or social media portals or
  • Access our facilities or services (including through a device).
  • Access, use, or download content from us.

1.3 Collection from third parties:

We collect Personal Information about you from third parties, such as:

  • Those who have a relationship with or that provide or publish Personal Information related to you.
  • Regulators, professional or industry organizations and certification / licensure agencies that provide or publish
    Personal Information related to you.
  • Third parties and affiliates who deal with or interact with us or you.
  • Service providers and business partners who work with you and that you may utilize to deliver certain content,
    products, or services to us.


• We share Personal Information for the purposes only set out in this Privacy Notice

The security of your Personal Information is important to us. Taking into account the nature, scope, context, and purposes of
processing Personal Information, as well as the risks to individuals of varying likelihood and severity, we have implemented
technical and organizational measures designed to protect the security of your Personal Information. In this regard we will
conduct regular audits regarding the safety and the security of your Personal Information.
Your Personal Information will be stored electronically and in some cases in hard copy in files and records, which information, for operational reasons, will be accessible to and/or provided to persons employed or contracted by us on a need-to-know basis